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A Brief History of My Time

For 15 years from September 2004, I was the quintessential Software Guy. I started off at Wipro Technologies, Hyderabad, India, as a J2EE Web Developer, building classical B2B websites using the Struts Framework. In July 2009, I joined Pegasystems as part of their fledgling R&D unit in India. Over the next 10 years I worked up various roles at Pega from being a Front End Engineer in their first UI Team to architecting their Mobile web solutions as Technical Lead to building the Scrum teams for their first Full Stack Cloud Native MERN solutions as Engineering Manager and finally running Pega's Omni Channel Customer Service Communication Platform as the Senior Product Manager. My later years at Pega were especially thrilling as I got to work on the integration of the various startups Pega acquired and thoroughly enjoyed the exposure to the fast paced and adaptive culture of these gems and their founding teams.

On my 15th work-versary in September 2019 I decided it was time to take that longish break from work to spend time and travel with the loves of my life - my 3 dogs. The next one year was a bitter sweet rollercoaster of road trips, COVID-19, lockdowns, unlocks and the second wave! Amongst all this, as I thought through the next chapter of my life, I decided it must be something to do with dogs and startups. Thus, in January 2021, TailTrails started taking shape with the objective of offering products and services that address the fundamentals of care giving for pets and doesn't bother about floroscent green dog beds. As I work my ay the solid foundations of my company, I also intend to freelance for other startups and offer the value of my past in their present and fuel the success of their future.

Technically Speaking

In all my Software Engineering roles I have always been thrilled to walk up to the white board, flesh out a piece of architecture and then code it down. Hence most of my memorable Engineering moments have architecture and code at their center. Here go a few:

  • At Wipro I designed and implemeted the Struts front end UI project for the dealer dashboard they were building for Cisco by integrating a myriad of backend ETL systems
  • In my first project at Pega I revamped their UI Event Handling model to reduce the n event handlers for their repeating element to just the 1 attached to the body and eliminated memory blowouts
  • Before websockets were a thing, long polling was the goto solution for server push. I designed Pega's Bayeux Protocol based long polling solution to update the front-end with the server state.
  • My most cherished work at Pega was the integration and development of the Co-browse product Pega acquired from a fabulous startup, Firefly. The folks at Firefly had done a wonderful job with their product. But as it happens with all acquitions, processes and practices need to be brought in line. I was Engineering Manager for this integration. We introduced Devops to the project, added License and Security Scans as part of release readiness checks and upgraded the entire stack of Node.js, Mongo, Redis, Socket.io and a few other things. But the work that excited me the most was utilizing the Co-browse technology to create a video-less screen recorder and player. Think of a HD Quality 5 minutes video that's powered by just a 500kB JSON file!
  • And now I am onto the most ambitious project of my life - Building the most amazing Doggie website ever - TailTrails!

Experiences of Responsibilities

How often do our designations actually reflect our roles? And how often do our roles restrict the responsibilities we fulfill in our jobs? I believe this graph portrays much better my experiences than a mere listing of my 10 designations over the 17 years

What Can I Do For You?

Good Ol' Code Stuff
  • Solution Architecture
  • Full Stack Development
  • Cloud Architecture
Management Stuff
  • Dev Management
  • Scrum Mastery
  • Process Definition
Product Stuff
  • Product Management
  • Product Roadmaps
  • Project Management

Getting Personal

I have always enjoyed knowing the people I have worked with. About their lives, their likes, their families, about what keeps them ticking and what got them here (in life i.e.). I hope you do the same. So, here's a bit about me, personally.

I was born and brought up in the small beautiful hilly town named Ranchi that's the capital of the state of Jharkhand in India. After finishing school, I did my Bachelor of Science in Computer Applications from St. Xavier's College, Ranchi , the alma mater for my whole family. And then began the most enthralling chapter of my life as part of the WASE Program (now WILP) at Wipro, where I completed my M.S. in Software Engineering from BITS, Pilani. The rest, as I say, is History!

Now I live in the (very disputed) Biryani Capital of India - Hyderabad - with my wife and our 3 dogs - Auro, Abbie and Genie. When not perched on my work chair, I am positioned in our kitchen. I'm the undisputed Chef De Cuisine of the house! At other times I can be found either behind a book or behind my car's steering wheel. We are a very road-faring family always on the lookout for dog friendly experiences. Our hope is to find more of them in India and TailTrails is our endeavor to make it happen.